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April 7, 2022

I was able to upgrade the forum to 3.0.14 which is the latest in the 3.0 train, but it is still old.

I was able to upgrade a copy of our forum to 3.3.7 on a test server I have. 3.3.7 is the latest version of phpbb. Being able to upgrade is related to the version of php. I need to see if our drupal can use php 7. If Drupal will support php 7, I will upgrade the server and get phpbb upgraded.

I am more focused on getting recaptcha working so we limit the number of spam bots we get. recaptcha is not working in 3.0.14. User Registration is set to use an email to complete registration currently.

I'll pin this post to the top of the section for a while and add to it as I make changes.

Jimmy Orkin
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