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Texas Mead Competition

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For the meadmakers amongst us:


We just wanted to get the word out that registration is open and accepting entries for the Texas Mead Association 2014 Competition, sponsored by the Texas Mead Association. This is second year we have organized and registered this mead-only competition with the AHA/BJCP and are hoping to reach out to the local and regional clubs again to gain some awareness. Entries must be received by Sept 4th which is only a few short weeks away.

We are going to try a variant of the new upcoming 2014 BJCP classifications (you can find a draft PDF on their website). We are currently accepting registration of entries in the following categories with few new categories in bold:

· Dry Traditional Mead (Honey only)
· Semi-Sweet Traditional Mead (Honey only)
· Sweet Traditional Mead (Honey only)
· Oak-Aged Traditional Mead (Honey only)
· Cyser (Honey and apple only)
· Pyment (Honey and grape only)
· Berry Mead
· Stone Fruit Mead
· Melomel (Honey and mixed fruit, other fruit)
· Fruit and Spice
· Spice, Herb or Vegetable Mead(Metheglin)
· Braggot (Honey and malt and hops only)
· Open (Historical and Experimental Mead)
· Stump the Pros - compete head to head vs commercial entries for a chance at a special prize plus some special bragging rights.

Best Of Show (BOS) has the option to make their mead with one of the TMF attending meaderies (at the meadery’s discretion).

---------------------------------- Entries are $7. Please submit THREE (3) 12 oz or smaller bottles, or TWO (2) 750ml bottles per entry. Crown cap bottles are strongly preferred due to ease of handling, but any enclosure is acceptable. If you do not have enough bottles, we will make a best effort to save the mead for subsequent judging sessions, but please be aware there is no guarantee we will have enough left over if your entry makes it to BOS round, as mini-BOS and BOS will be held on different days than the first round judging.

---------------------------------- Entries are dueSeptember 4 (about 2.5 weeks from now). Currently we have drop points in Austin (Meridian Hive), Houston (DeFalco’s) and near San Antonio (Texas Mead Works in Seguin). They can be shipped to Meridian Hive (8120 Exchange Dr #400, Austin TX, 78754). Check the registration site for update on additional drop points. Entries must be received by Sept 4th.

---------------------------------- Judging will be at Meridian Hive in Austin on September 6th and 13th and If you are interested in helping to judge or steward, contact us directly for details, or you may also register as a judge on the competition registration site. Awards will be announced at the 2014 Texas Mead Festival in LaGrange, TX at Rohan Meaderyon September 20 at 4pm. If you have any other questions, you can contact us [email protected].

Full rules and registration can be found here:http://meridianhive.com/tmacomp2014/

Thanks for help getting the word out!

Mike Simmons/Eric Lowe @ Meridian Hive
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