BJCP Written Exam Change

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BJCP Written Exam Change

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I just received word that there is a change coming in September with the administration of the Beer Written Proficiency Exam. You must have an 80 or higher on the Judging Portion (new or old format) to be eligible to take the Written Portion. Since the change of 2012, the BJCP has had difficulties scheduling these and has seen a growing difficulty to fill the minimum number of seats. There are many variables causing this issue such as the difficulty scheduling an exam, only 1 written per year per region, max exams per month, scheduling 2 years out, few 80+ in a specific region, etc etc.

I am excited to announce that starting Sept 20, the written will be administered on a quarterly basis at a set day and time for the entire BJCP. I would guess that the exam will be around 10:00 am central which will accomidate all of the US and also allow those oversees to take the exam at a reasonable hour. There will be no seat limits, only that a current grader administers this exam. The exam is now $25 and requires 2 month advance non-refundable payment. This allows Houston, DFW and Austin/SA to all have an exam on the same day requiring minimal driving. The Written is 1.5 hours and will include 1 M/C/T/F section, 2 Style Questions, 1 Ingrediant Question and 1 Flaw/Brewing Question. Once you take the written then weighting is 50/50, if you are currently ranked you must achieve a new score higher than your current to re-adjust to 50/50 (no rank can go down due to 50/50 instead of the ole 70/30)

This does not change the Judging or online portions. Today, you have to pass the online then take the Judging, rank is based on your judging score (60=Recognized, 70=Certified, 80+=Certified and eligable for the advanced written).

Please let me know if you have any questions. Exam center:

Please let me know if you have an 80 on the Judging and want to take the exam on 9/20.

James Lallande
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