New Tap House in The Colony - Thirsty Growler

A friend of mine, Mike, just opened a new tap house in the Colony called Thisty Growler.  Its right off of 121 just accross the freeway form Nebaska Furniture Mart and next to Abuelos.

He's only been open for 2 weeks now and lastnight Tupps was there for his first "Tap Takeover" event.

He also would welcome club meetings to be held there if thats of interest to the Officers!

If you're in the area or just looking for a new place for good beer, swing by and grab a pint or two.  Bring your growler to take some home too!  He has growlers for sale also if you need one.

If you do go, say "Hey" to Mike and tell him Randy sent you if you dont mind.  :)



The officers will definitely

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The officers will definitely go on a "fact finding" mission and check it out.